Overseas Expeditions

[A]Expedition Planning – Ideas, Info, Concepts

Do you have an expedition idea, but not sure about one or two details? Or do you need the one important information? Ask us… We will be pleased to go through your plans together.

Costs: this service is for free, if you book through us (see below under “B”). If you need our help exclusively for planning your travel, we use a base fee of 60 Euro. Should the amount of time necessary for information gathering be higher, we will contact you in advance and discuss with you a different, more adequate price.

[B]Contact broking and booking

You have your journey planned, and now, you want to organize your hut, the offroad car with a driver and book your mountain guide? We have the right, reliable contacts in your destination. We know all our partners from personal contacts and tours we did together. If you want to book a pre-suggested travel package of one of our partners, please contact us regarding date of travel, amount of people and special wishes.

Costs: our booking service is completely free for our customers. You pay your guide, logistic provider, accommodation at spot. Sometimes, up-front payments are necessary. You can transfer these payments comfortably through us.

[C]Rent & sale of equipment

Now, you need only a detailed map, a guide book, ice screws, snow stakes and a satellite phone. We order maps and books for you, can sell you the best available ice screws, your guide will bring you the missing snow stakes and you can rent the sat phone for two weeks with us.

Costs: the costs depend from item to item – more details here

Contact us and you’re ready to go…


Travel Offer: Cedros Alpamayo Trek

Description: Our journey starts and ends in Lima.

5. July 2018 read more

Travel Offer: Summit of Mt. Kazbek

Description: We meet and greet you at the Tbilisi

23. May 2018 read more


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