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Geography & Climate

  • Tajikistan is a very mountainous country in Central Asia: almost 95% of the terrain are mountains, rising up to 7.500 m altitude. The Pamir is divided between Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Afghanistan.
  • Due to its geographical position, continental climate dominates: a hot and dry summer, and a very cold and dry winter. The vegetation is mostly bush.


    • The Pamir Highlands are difficult to reach in winter, but offer many possibilities for the adventurous skier. The best months are in the spring.
    • Other regions are not as extremely cold as the Pamir. However, it is still a very expedition-minded trip!

    • Zhe peaks of the Pamir are the last step before climbing 8.000 m peaks in the Karakorum or Himalaya. The mountains are very glaciated with a lot of snow.
    • The Fan Mountains in the North West offer various terrains and can be best compared to the high peaks of the Alps. But the approach is much longer than in Europe!

    • Trekking is possible everywhere (except the border strips, of course!). The easiest to organize are the Fan Mountains due to their proximity to Dushanbe. The best season is early fall.
    • Several days treks can be done in the Pamir, but also in the low lands like the Ferghana valley.

    Country facts


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