South Korea

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Geography & Climate

  • South Korea is a peninsula between the Japan Sea and the Yellow Sea, bordering North Korea. Mountains rise in the North East and in central South, remaining below 2.000m, like the numerous volcanic islands.
  • The summer are hot and humid, but the fall and the spring are cooler and drier. Winds from Sibiria provide arctic temperatures during the winter.
  • Typhoons are a constant threat during the summer months.


    • The best places are the volcanic islands Jeju-Do and Ulleung-Do. The runs are not difficult, but rather fun in the woods, seldom in open space.
    • Yongpyong, the site of future winter olympics, is another possibility, but preferably for free riders than ski tourers.

    • Trekking is a national obsession in South Korea. Equipment and infrastructure in National Parks prove it.
    • Good places to go are the volcanic islands mentioned in the ski touring section, and also the National Parks of Seoraksan (North), Chiaksan (Central) and Jirisan (South).

    • Sea Kayaking along the coast is another great activity to learn more about South Korea’s nature and diversity.

    Tour idea – Ski touring in the Japan Sea

      • Where: Ulleung-Do, South Korea
      • Itinerary: Pohang – Ulleung-Do – Pohang
      • Activity: Ski touring
      • also included: coastal trekking
      • Season: December to February
      • Length: 4 days / 3 nights

      • Day 1: Departure for Ulleungdo from Pohang Ferry Terminal, Transfer to Lodge, short tour in the afternoon
      • Day 2: We ski the entire day at one of the main peaks of the island.
      • Day 3: Another ski touring day to the other side of the island.
      • Day 4: Short ski trip in the morning or a coastal trek before getting on the ferry to Pohang

      Ski Touring South Korea


      • Base for the calculation: 1 person
      • Costs per person: 550 US$
      • Accomodation, all meals and transport on island is included
      • Chartered van for transportation to Pohang Ferry Terminal and ferry tickets between main land and Ulleungdo is included
      • Team: English speaking backcountry skiing tour guide
      • The prices depend from the booked services and can be arranged individually.
      • This tour and the price is given as an orientation to you.

      • This tour idea is just one of many possibilities. You don’t need a guide, but a driver? Or just some equipment for rent? We can organize everything…
      • Send us your request and we can answer your questions immediately.

      Country facts


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