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Geography & Climate

  • Russia is the biggest country on earth, but Kamchatka is big as well: 1.200 km long and 450 km wide. Actually, it’s bigger than Germany. The Sredinny range slices the peninsula in two halves from north to south. The territory itself lies between the Ochotsk Sea and the North Pacific. There are 29 active volcanoes.
  • The summer heat seldom rises over 20° C on the coast and fall rarely below -10°C in the winter. The winter storms in the high mountains can be extremely cold.
  • Weather is generally instable. Fog on the coast, several days long blizzards in the mountains, and ash clouds are the norm rather than the exception.


    • Nice ski touring options exists 50-100km around Petropavlovsk, with some infrastructure
    • Back country skiing is possible everywhere in the country along the Sredinny range, but with considerable logistic expenses. The approach itself can be considered an adventure.
    • One highlight are traverses of ranges with sledge support.

    • More than 100 volcanoes exist on Kamchatka, the biggest with more than 4.700m altitude. Best season is summer.

    • Trekking is very popular – the country offers isolation at its best. The fauna is intact with large populations of bears. There are countless trekking options.

    • Skidoo course: If you want to learn how to drive a Skidoo, including your own trip, Kamchatka has it
    • Kayaking along the coast and in the Kamchatka river

    Country facts


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