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Geography & Climate

  • Peru has three main climatic zones: the tropical Amazon jungle to the east; the arid coastal desert to the west; and the Andean mountains and highlands in between. In the Andes, which have altitudes over 3500m, average daily temperatures fall below 10°C and overnight temperatures can dip well below freezing.
  • June to August is the dry season in the mountains and altiplano (Andean plateau); the wettest months are from December to March. It rains all the time in the hot and humid rainforest, but the driest months there are from June to September. However, even during the wettest months, from December to May, it rarely rains for more than a few hours at a time. Along the arid coastal strip, the hot summer months are from December through March. Some parts of the coastal strip see rain rarely, if at all. From April to November, Lima and other areas by the Pacific Ocean are enclosed in garua (coastal mist or drizzle) as warmer air masses off the desert and drfits over the ocean where the cold Humboldt Current hits.
  • The El Nino effect, which occurs on average every seven years, is when alrge-scale changes in ocean currents and rising sea- and surface water temperatures bring heavey rains and floods to coastal areas, plunging tropical areas into drought and disrupting weather patterns worldwide. El Nino is usually followed the next year by La Nina, when ocean currents that cool abnormally create even more havoc and destruction.


    • Cordillera Blanca: Ski touring in altitudes between 5.000m and 6.500m, heavy glaciated
    • Cordillera Huyahash: Ski mountaineering as an expedition: long approaches, no established routes, difficult terrain

    • Cordillera Blanca: High altitude climbing in glaciated Andes, routes from difficulties F to TD; established approaches and available infrastructure.
    • Cordillera Huyahash: the mountain range for the very experienced alpinist, mostly D to ED, weeklong projects
    • Cordillera Altiplano: Peaks above 6.000m without glaciers, low difficulties (mostly F to PD)

    • Cordillera Blanca: well-known Trekking paths and loops up to 21 days; passes at maximum 5.000 m
    • Cordillera Cuzco: besides Machu Pichu many day hikes and multi-days treks possible; no reliable maps; lot of “traffic” on the popular treks
    • Cordillera Altiplano: mostly day hikes, almost no infrastructure available; private transport necessary, water supply critical

    • Cordillera Blanca: Ice climbing on few exposed walls like Alpamayo
    • Cordillera Huyahash & Vilcanota: Ice walls in high altitude

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