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Jordan: Portrait

    • My headlamp shows the way. We climb behind the camp through a rocky wall, a steep ascent toward the sunrise. Our trekking boots find good grip on the sand stone. I know the path from the previous day, when I left cairns to mark the tricky steps. One hour later we stand atop the peak and wait.
    • The time in Wadi Rum passed fast. We trekked, we climbed and we explored the desert by Jeep. The diner in the camp highlights the evenings, at the fire with the Bedouins. And now, as the sun rises for a last time above Wadi Rum, we enjoy the warm rays after a cold night. We check the clock, there is still time before breakfast back down in the desert camp. Our backpacks are packed, today we leave for Petra, maybe The sight after the pyramides of Gizeh in the Middle East.
    • Read more about a typical day or two in Wadi Rum – here!

    • Jordan is almost a land-locked country in the Middle East. Besides a very short coastal strip at the Gulf of Aqaba, the country in the West surprisingy mountainous and wet during the winter months. The mountains reach an altitude of 1700 meters.
    • Most of Jordan consists of desert or semi-desert. This flat country shows a continantal climate with very low humidity. The summers are very hot. The winter can be cold, especially in the Northwest. A sudden snowfall can happen.
    • The Jordan valley runs from north to south; the deepest point is also the deepest dry point on earth: the Dead Sea.

    Jordan: Activities & actual conditions

      • The mountains in the West follow a line from North to South along the Jordan valley. They offer endless possibilities for day hikes and multiweek long treks. The well known Jordan Trail runs through this corridor.
      • Treks of sereral days are also possible in Wadi Rum. This nature reserve is a stunning place for hikes.
      • The best season for trekking is the fall and the spring.

      • Besides areas in the Northwest of the country (like Fuhais), Wadi Rum is the most established and probably the best rock climbing spot in the entire Middle East.
      • You will find routes of all difficulties in fantastic sandstone. Fans of crack climbing will love the area. The right climbing guide is: Treks and Climbs in Wadi Rum, Jordan
      • The season for rock climbing in Jordan starts in October and lasts to April. Months during the winter can bring some cold days with rare showers.

      • Jeep- and camel tours are very popular in Wadi Rum and enable you to explore the area very fast and comfortable.
      • Snorkeling and diving off Aqaba are popular and much cheaper than in neighbouring Eilat (Israel)

      Tour idea – Climbing Week in Wadi Rum

        • Where: Wadi Rum Reserve
        • Itinerary: Aqaba – Wadi Rum – Amman
        • Activity: climbing
        • also included: visiting historic sites in Petra
        • Season: November to March
        • Length: 8 days / 7 nights
        • additional: camel excursions through the desert can be arranged

        • Day 1: Arrival & meeting in Aqaba, Jordan. Transfer to Wadi Rum village (70km). In Wadi Rum we change to an Offroad vehicle and drive to our desert camp. If you want, you can boulder just behind the camp.
        • Days 2-6: After breakfast, you will be driven to your climbing spot of your choice and picked up upon your call.
        • Day 7: transfer to Petra and visit of the historic sites. We stay in Wadi Musa for the night.
        • Day 8: transfer to Amman and visit of the old town. Later, transfer to the Airport.



        • Base for the calculation: 2 persons
        • Costs per person: 540 Euro
        • All meals and transport (private vehicle) from Aqaba to Amman is included
        • 6 nights accomodation in tents in the Wadi Rum desert
        • accomodation in and entry fee to Petra
        • Team: Driver
        • The prices depend from the booked services and can be arranged individually.
        • This tour and the price is given as an orientation to you.

        • This tour idea is just one of many possibilities. You don’t need a vehicle, but camels? Only a mountain guide? Or just some equipment for rent? We can organize everything…
        • Send us your request and we can answer your questions immediately.

        Want to trek or climb in Jordan?

        Then drop us a line and we can consult you about your possibilities in this fascinating country in the Middle East!

        Jordan Travel Information


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