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Geography & Climate

  • Colombia is a country of mountains. The valleys are deeply cut into the country. The climate zones are divided into the tropical coast, the Andes and the ever-green Amazonas.
  • The dry season in the mountains lasts from December to February; later in the year the weather is wet, with the climax of the rainy season in October and November. Floods and mud avalanches are possible.
  • El Nino happens at irregular intervals every few years. This phenomenon is characterised by abnormally high oceanic temperatures. It causes strong rainfalls, flooding and mud avalanches in coastal and mountain areas. The year following an El Nino year is even worse and is called La Nina.


    • NP Cucoy: Peaks over 5.000 m altitude, little glaciated. Long approach and almost no infrastucture. Glacier travel equipment recommended. Nice peaks to acclimatize prior to bigger goals.

    • NP Cucoy: long treks around peaks and in great landscapes
    • other National Parks in the Andes: much to see and to hike, but check the actual news about closures due to volcanic activity.
    • Amazonas: recommended only with a local guide, as this region is used by smugglers and rebels.

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