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Albania: Portrait

    • I enter the bay in the morning and it is totally empty and sleepy. Nobody around. I only see greenblue water, steep cliffs that form a deep and long canyon into the backcountry. In the middle of all this lies an eco-camping which I start to explore immediately. The owner greets me and vows me to his table under a Fig tree, we start a conversation in four languages. He offers me a raki, but I am more attracted by that beautiful, yet magic beach.
    • It is early April but I feel like in July, except that the beach is empty. I throw off my backpack on the ground and head straight to the water. It is a bit chilly but I cannot withstand and walk into it. After a short swim I leave the water, lie down on the towel and I know that today I will not continue on the coastal path but instead pitch my tent right here.

    • Albanien is a country in the Balkans with a coast in the west. In the north it has a border with Montenegro and Kosovo, in the east with Macedonia and in the south with Greece. The coast offers a mediterrean climate, the rest of the country shows typically four seasons. The mountains reach 2.500 m.
    • Mountain ranges are abundant and cover more than 50% of the country. All expositions can be found. Only the coast and the central plane are densly populated. The winter in the mountains lasts from November to early April.

    Albania: Activities & actual conditions

      • The numerous mountain ranges offer great hiking possibilities. The White Trail is the most known trail of the region, reaching as far as Slovenia. The area of Montenegro-Kosovo-Macedonia-Albania is a true gem.
      • Another great location for hiking is the mountains coastline south of Vlora. These trails are snowfree for most of the year. For hikes from Tirana, the mountains just northeast of the capital are worth exploring.
      • The best season for hiking in the mountains is May to October, along the coast already in March. Otherwise you have to expect a deep snowpack.

      • Climbing in Albania is new and the amount of climbing routes is limited. New areas are developped and many promise to be very interesting.
      • Rock is maily limestone. Bovilla, Permet and Gjipe are the three well-known spots.
      • The opitmal season for rock climbing in Albania is April to October. Rain must be expected in April and October.

      • Skitouring in Albania is almost unknown but perfectly possible. The mountains are wild and rich on snow.
      • Mountains huts like in the Alps are not existant in Albania. You will have to use a private room (B&B) in the mountain villages. Some roads are only usable by 4×4, snowchains are mandatory.
      • Best season for skitouring is January and February, although you can ski into late March.

      Tour idea – Multisport-Week in Albania

        • Where: Albanian Alps and Albania’s Southern Coast
        • Activity: hiking, canyoing, kayaking, rock climbing
        • also included: off-road driving, and on request mountainbiking
        • Season: April to October
        • Length: 5 days / 4 nights

        • Day 1: We meet at the Airport and transfer to Llogara National Park. On the way we visit the Roman ruins of Appolonia.Overnight stay at a 3-star hotel in the Nationalpark.
        • Day 2: After breakfast, we hit the Caesar trail and hike for 5-6 hrs above the Adriatic sea in an altitude of 800m. At the top of the ridge we have beautiful views of the Greek Islands of Korfu and others. For the night, we transfer to White Roads Beach and stay in tents at the waterline.
        • Day 3: We use our kayaks to explore the coastline with many tiny bays and beaches. In the afternoon, we arrive at Gjipe Bay and enjoy the evening before sleeping in our tents.
        • Day 4: We will go for some rock climbing in the Canyon of Gjipe. The limestone is in perfect condition! Later in the day, we reach Jala, a little village at the coast. We stay there for a night in a cozy hotel.
        • Day 5: depending on your flight schedule, we can go for a short hike or kayak trip and then return to Tirana (around 3hrs) to the Airport.

        • Base for the calculation: 2 person
        • Costs per person: 1.390 Euro
        • All meals and transport (private vehicle) from Tirana and back are included
        • 2 nights accomodation (hotel), 2 nights in tent
        • all necessary equipment for the trip
        • Team: Driver and english-speaking guide
        • The prices depend from the booked services which can be arranged individually.
        • This tour and the price is given as an orientation to you.

        • This tour idea is just one of many possibilities. You don’t need a vehicle, but trekking/camping equipment? We can organize everything…
        • Send us your request and we can answer your questions immediately.

        Want to trek or skitour in Albania?

        Then drop us a line and we can consult you about your possibilities in this fascinating country in the Balkans!

        Albania Travel Information


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