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Our network of tour operators, mountain guides, drivers and accomodations is available in 21 regions globally. We can offer you trusted partners in these destinations. In future, we try to add new destinations and partners! Each region on our web site shows info about geography & climate, outdoor activities, links to actual conditions, travel know-how and published news.


We don’t have a standing network of contacts in Europe (except in Albania and Georgia) as the standards are very high and it should be easy for you to self-serve you. In case you need our helping hand (language barriers or similar) – during planning or organizing – please contact us! Our expertise in Europe lies in the Alps, Norway, Scotland and Iceland. Learn more about our Europe services

Other travel destinations

If your destination is not on our list, we may help you anyway, as we have an extensive network of contacts, especially in China, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Japan, Taiwan and in North America’s West. We don’t listed these contacts here because we don’t know them personally, which is the most important aspect for us. Anyway, we can try to find a solution for you, just let us know.


Travel Offer: Cedros Alpamayo Trek

Description: Our journey starts and ends in Lima.

5. July 2018 read more

Travel Offer: Summit of Mt. Kazbek

Description: We meet and greet you at the Tbilisi

23. May 2018 read more


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