Cotopaxi: partly re-opened

Parts of the Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador are open to visitors again. Volcano Cotopaxi is still active and an eruption is possible, but the mountain calmed down considerably in the last months. Travellers should contact local authorities to seek actual status information. Warnings can be given only 40 to 60 minutes prior to eruption.

Further information: Instituto Geofisico de la Politécnica Nacional and Sekretariat für Risikomanagement. Find further links here: our Ecuador Destination page.



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Vulcano Tungurahua erupted

Volcano Tungurahua (Ecuador) erupted again. Ash continued to rise in columns of up to 3 km height. Ash fell in areas to the NW with significant damage to vegetation and some infrastructure. Explosions were heard. Main roads are not closed, but emergency units stand idle to act. Tungurahua is the second 5.000 m peak to erupt in the last months:  Cotopaxi.

More info about the actual status of Tungurahua can be found here…


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