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Our ice climbing destinations

  • Argentina: ice climbing in an alpine environment. Patagonia has it all: access on ski, basecamps in tents, mixed climbing and wild weather.
  • Peru: similar to Patagonia, but in higher altitudes from 4.000 m to 6.500 m. Mixed climbing, mostly ice & snow.
  • Tajikistan: alpine ice climbing in altitudes up to 7.500 m
  • Kyrgyzstan: Similar to Tajikistan, much variety and very remote.
  • New Zealand: alpine ice climbing around Mt. Cook National Park, huts as basecamps available, but long access (or with helicopter support)
  • Europe: Alps, Pyrenees & Norway: the Alps, Norway and the Pyrenees offer many spots for ice climbers – waterfall and alpine ice climbing. Main season is January and February.

  • Ice climbing and travel

      • All tools and spare parts: North America and New Zealand (best in in Queenstown)
      • Basics (Crampons, Tools): Peru and Kyrgizstan (to rent), Argentina: possible, but very expensive
      • Difficult to get: Tajikistan

      • North America: permits for all National Parks necessary. Rules are often complex and differ among parks, dependent of the season and length of tour.
      • Asia: Kyrgizstan and Tajikistan – you need permits in border regions (speak: Pamir)
      • South America: in Argentina National Parks are free (except Aconcagua), but you can’t use private land! Peru: small fee for entering National Parks, but no problem at all to get
      • Europe: no permits for National Parks required. Terrain is free and even private land can be crossed. Please respect retreat zones for wildlife during winter!
      • Other countries: New Zealand – no permits necessary, but ask before crossing / entering private land!

      • In general: there is nowhere in the world an emergency infrastructure like in the Alps!
      • All rescues are paid by the rescued, sometimes in cash only. Please think about the possibility of a mountain rescue insurance!
      • Good emergency infrastructure exist in Canada, USA, New Zealand. There are emergency crews also in Argentina and Peru, but it takes sometimes days to arrive because of missing transport means and equipment.
      • Don’t rely on rescue teams in Kyrgizstan and Tajikistan. You have to help yourself!

      • Topographic maps: please visit our “Trekking” section for details
      • Other ice climbing related material: there are good ice climbing guides for Europe, Canada and the US, but there is no dedicated ice climbing literature for other destinations.

      What to bring

      • Ice climbing: complete ice climbing equipment (tools, crampons, rope, protection, helmet, harness)
      • Security: emergency set including bivvy, first aid, avalanche rescue (shovel, probe, beacon), sat-phone
      • Camping: Equipment for a mobile basecamp and bivvy, storm-resistant tent, 4-season mat and sleeping bag, cooking gear, lights
      • Clothing: ice climbing (hardshell jacket, pants, gloves), very warm 2nd set (dawn or primaloft jacket and pants, merino underwear, several sets of gloves, storm mask
      • Depending on the region/terrain: ski touring equipment, sledge

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