DIY Expeditions: Experts in mountain sports

The mountains are our place to be. There are so many possibilities, during all four seasons, on all continents, in all altitudes. When we select our partners in a destination, we focus on four core activities: ski touring / ski mountaineering and ice climbing in winter & spring, mountaineering / climbing and trekking in summer and fall. We collected facts and details to all our main activities on separate pages:

  • interesting destinations
  • knowledge about equipment/spare parts in your destination, permits, emergency systems, maps
  • travel bags & what to bring
  • further resources: online, literature & legal matters

Further options with DIY Expeditions

We offer you more than our four core activities, because there is so much to do in this world: cruising in a kayak along a coast, follow the shore line with your surfboard and Volkswagen, discover the tundra with a skidoo or learn more about a country driving off-road. Sky-Diving, canyoing, rafting. Even better, combine them:

  • Costa Rica: Trekking in the mountain forest, surf adventure on the Pacific Ocean and off-road driving with a quad
  • Kamchatka or Yukon: learn to master a Ski-Doo, then head out for a week into the wild and do your ski tours out of a mobile base camp.
  • California: Sky-Diving in the south, rafting along the Colorado River, and in between off-road driving, rock climbing and bouldering.

The possibilities are endless, and you have the choice to select single activities to assemble your journey into one big adventure. We help you. Contact us with your ideas, even to activities and destinations, which we don’t mention on our website.


Travel Offer: Cedros Alpamayo Trek

Description: Our journey starts and ends in Lima.

5. July 2018 read more

Travel Offer: Summit of Mt. Kazbek

Description: We meet and greet you at the Tbilisi

23. May 2018 read more


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