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I started to travel the world and to be outdoors as teenager. I always loved the adventure originating in the unknown, in the canyons of northern Argentina, in the Amazonas of Ecuador, on long-distance trails in Scotland or on high-altitude climbs in the Tien Shan, getting a bit nervous on the off-beaten paths. Since 2006 I published most of the my journeys and trips on my travel and outdoor blog „Super gsi“. „Super gsi“ is an expression in a local dialect in Austria and says something like “it has been awesome!”.

The story behind DIY Expeditions is short and simple: readers of my blog asked for first-hand information from destinations and about contacts. After a while I decided to provide a network service and to help others to create their individual adventure and expeditions. The final result of this project is “DIY Expeditions”, which corresponds very much with my own travel style: soft tourism, working with local companies and families, oriented toward the individual and providing the flexibility in time and travel ideas.

After a 15-months long ski journey around the Pacific, I added some new contacts and destinations to the DIY Expeditions portfolio. I know my partners well and I guarantee their reliability, professional attitude and lovely character.

Adventure is soul food, I wish you many

Mark Buzinkay



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