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Travel Offer: Cedros Alpamayo Trek

Description: Our journey starts and ends in Lima. A private transfer brings you from the airport to the hotel in Lima and next morning to the Bus terminal. From there, you board a First class coach for your travel to Huaraz, where we will meet you and bring you to your hotel. For the next day, we plan an acclimatisation trip to the the turquoise waters of the lagoon Churup (4500 meters); in the afternoon we return to Huaraz.

On day 3 we depart for Hualcayan on the Los Cedros Alpamayo trek trail together with our load carrying animals. We camp on the trail and continue next day for another 5 to 6 hours along the route. This part of the trail is most enjoyable because of the different views it offers. The next day is a rest and reserve day with multiple choice of taking stunning pictures of Alpamayo, the most beautiful mountain of the world.

Day 6 consists of two crossings of high passes before camping a small farm with the possibility to spot alpacas. On the next day, another pass has to be crossed (4.800m), lunch at the Sactaycocha lakeshore and camp near the Pucajirca waterfall.
On day 8, we climb gently toward Tupatupa, where we enjoy an overview of the northern peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. Later, we head down the other side to find the camp ready at the village of Quisuar. Next day we climb a rocky path that leads to the fertile valley of Huaripampa.   Here, we will set up camp and enjoy the last two nights in the mountains.
Next morning we cross the Punta Union Pass at 4750 meters and walk on the other side through Taullipampa’s gorgeous countryside. This is the last night of the trip, so we will ask our chef to open the wine and celebrate! On day 11, we walk out of the Santa Cruz valley and get our transfer from Cashapampa to Huaraz. Next morning, the bus leaves for Lima.


Length of the trip: 12 days

Costs: price per person is 2.059 US$ (group of six);

Included in the price are: all transports from Lima to Huaraz and back as well during the days around Huaraz; all meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast) and the accomodation; porters and donkeys; the mountain guide speaks english.

Offer valid: this tour is available during May to September 2018

Tour operator: our local partner in Huaraz, Peru

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Travel Offer: Cedros Alpamayo Trek

Description: Our journey starts and ends in Lima.

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